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Nest swing 120cm on a public playground.

Swing complies with safety standards EN 1176 for products intended for public playground.

Super big and comfortable swing. It will be able to use it even a few children at a time.

Swing is suspended for coated chains.

The design of the wheel: a steel ring with pipe Ø 48-50 mm with anti-corrosion coating (galvanized / corrosion paint), shielded with thick polyurethane foam. 25-30 mm. The weight of the wheel - 17 kg. Wheel weight with sling - 28.5 kg. Seat - a circle with a diameter of 120 cm height. 145 mm (195 mm hollow mounting a sling). 4 sleeves with bearing fixed in the ring with a polyamide seated on the pins of steel, integrated (double weld) to the tube rim. Covering polyethylene foam significantly enhances operational safety by preventing injury blows in the outer ring of the slot. Lagging further enhanced wrap with fabric adhesive tape. Mesh seat woven with strong polypropylene ropes Ø 16 mm, 3-4 twisted braid outer - Twisted polypropylene rope (Ø 16 mm type multifilnament) with high strength and resistance to UV light. The ends of the grid (18 points), enhanced guard shrink-supported on hot aluminum sleeves with embedded threaded steel core Ø 8 mm mounting loop ended. Mesh finger assembly mounted on the mounting clamps located on the inner part of the wheel rim. The entire rim secured with rope braided polypropylene calibration (Ø 16 mm type multifilnament) protecting the user from injuries and also blocking mesh connection assembly. Fixing to the mounting sleeve on shackles niezaczepne (stainless steel) connected to the system hangs. Elements of a set of slings 4 chains welded (small holes) 125 cm Ø 6 mm placed in a tape tube made of polypropylene, mounted on the tip Shrink - terminated shackles (stainless steel) and a straight chain weld (galvanized) length. 50 cm, 8 mm to with dedicated sling final. Packaging sleeve of film & tape stretch.