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Nest swing 100cm for a public playground.

The swing meets the EN 1176 safety standards for products intended for a public playground.

Super large and comfortable swing. Even several children can use it at the same time.

The swing is suspended on reinforced ropes (black or red) finished with a weldable chain and a shackle.

Wheel construction: steel ring made of a pipe Ø 48-50 mm with anti-corrosion coating (galvanized/anti-corrosive paint), covered with foamed polyurethane, thickness. 25-30mm. Weight of the wheel itself: - 15 kg. Wheel weight with suspension - 24 kg. Seat - wheel diameter Ø 100 cm, height 145 mm (195 mm with sling mounting sleeves). 4 mounting sleeves with a fixed bearing in a polyamide ring mounted on steel pins, integrated (double weld) with the rim tube. The polyethylene foam coating significantly increases the safety of use by preventing injuries when hitting the outer ring of the socket. The lagging is additionally reinforced with fabric adhesive tape. Seat mesh braided from strong polypropylene ropes Ø16 mm, 3-4 strands, outer braid - twisted polypropylene rope (Ø 16 mm multifilnament type) of high strength and UV resistance. The ends of the mesh (18 points), reinforced with a heat-shrinkable sheath, hot-sealed in aluminum sleeves with an embedded threaded steel core Ø 8 mm ended with a mounting eyelet. Mounting eyelets are dove-fitted to the mounting catches located on the inner part of the wheel rim. The whole hoop is secured with a braid made of polypropylene twisted rope (Ø 16 mm, multifilnament type) protecting the user against injuries and additionally blocking the connections of the assembly eyelets. Fastening to mounting sleeves on non-attachable shackles (stainless steel) combined with a sling system.

Elements of the set of slings: 4 reinforced ropes 16mm, length 130cm + 2 sections of weldable chain 30cm, Ø 8 mm, galvanized, to be connected with a dedicated end sling (chain can be cut to the desired height) - finished with shackles (stainless steel). Packing in a foil sleeve + stretch tape.

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